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Any medical, sexual and mental health information presented by Dr. John Adams or Dr. Constance Avery-Clark is meant for general educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician or other healthcare professional.  The materials presented are not intended as medical, sexual, or psychological advice for individual problems.  If you have, or think you have, a medical, psychological, or sexual problem or symptoms, please consult a qualified physician or therapist.


It is the intention of Drs. Adams and Avery-Clark to publish material that addresses the subjects of sex, relationship, and other psychological issues in an informative and sometimes entertaining manner.  The opinions they express are their own based on their unique experiences and training.  Their opinions do not necessarily reflect any definitive opinions in the area of mental health, marriage and family, or sexology.  It should also be understood that there are other qualified professionals who may have different opinions about the same subject matter.









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Dr. John Adams and his wife, Dr. Constance Avery-Clark, were Clinical and Research Associates at Masters & Johnson Institute in St. Louis Missouri until February, 1988.  The Institute was the world renowned foundation dedicated to the management of sexual and relationship concerns for couples and individuals. Since leaving the Institute Dr. Adams and Dr. Avery-Clark have been in private practice in South Florida. They are both dedicated to promoting the sexual and relationship well-being of couples and individuals.


Finding a Sex Therapist

How do you find an appropriate sex therapist when faced with a sexual problem? Many sexual difficulties can be quite complex and require the therapist not only to have good counseling skills but also to have a specialized knowledge base regarding biological aspects of human sexual functioning, to have formal training in the field of sex therapy, and to have substantial experience working with couples. An appropriate therapist is also able to recognize factors contributing to the sexual difficulty that are beyond his/her area of expertise, and is trained to make appropriate referrals. more

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What Can You Expect From Couples Counseling

with Dr. Adams and/or Dr. Avery-Clark?

There are several reasons that may prompt you to want to enter couples counseling to improve your relationship.  The reasons may include wanting to discover ways to manage relationship distress more effectively by enhancing communication skills and conflict resolution. Or you may want to improve the ways you manage individual distress that is affecting your relationship. more

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What Can You Expect From Sex Therapy

with Dr. Adams and/or Dr. Avery-Clark?

There are several reasons that may prompt you to want to enhance intimacy in your life. There may have been a prolonged period of time during which sex and/or the relationship has taken a back seat to other events in your life, such as having very young children, career pressures, prolonged illness, etc.  Or it may be that after having resolved relationship difficulties you now want to reactivate intimacy in your life and further solidify your marriage or relationship. more

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Articles Written by Dr. Adams and Dr. Avery-Clark

What Makes Relationships Last?

Once most people settle into a relationship, they people would like it to last.  After all, having a long-term relationship usually has advantages.  In our society, for example, the pooling of resources may make it easier to afford material possessions such as a desired house, and to raise children.  Being in a long term relationship may provide a meaningful psychological resource in terms of having a partner with whom to share life events and to whom to turn for emotional support and comfort.  However, it has been reported that nearly 50% of all marriages end up in divorce.  The formality of marriage, in and of itself, is clearly not a guarantee of a happy long-term relationship. more

Wired For . . . and Mired In . . . Sex

Our sexual health and the development of sexual problems are influenced by a number of factors.  These are the biological psychological, and the socio-cultural.  These seemingly very different factors are, in fact, very interconnected, and they interact with one another in creating and maintaining sexual health and/or sexual problems. ... read more.

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