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Any medical, sexual and mental health information presented by Dr. John Adams or Dr. Constance Avery-Clark is meant for general educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician or other healthcare professional.  The materials presented are not intended as medical, sexual, or psychological advice for individual problems.  If you have, or think you have, a medical, psychological, or sexual problem or symptoms, please consult a qualified physician or therapist.


It is the intention of Drs. Adams and Avery-Clark to publish material that addresses the subjects of sex, relationship, and other psychological issues in an informative and sometimes entertaining manner.  The opinions they express are their own based on their unique experiences and training.  Their opinions do not necessarily reflect any definitive opinions in the area of mental health, marriage and family, or sexology.  It should also be understood that there are other qualified professionals who may have different opinions about the same subject matter.









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What You Can Expect From Couples Counseling with Dr. Adams and Dr. Avery-Clark 


There are several reasons that may prompt you to want to enter couples counseling to improve your relationship.  The reasons may include wanting to discover ways to manage relationship distress more effectively by enhancing communication skills and conflict resolution. Or you may want to improve the ways you manage individual distress that is affecting your relationship.  

It may be that you want to improve the communication skills in your relationship so that you and your partner are able to more effectively solve problems and resolve conflicts that confront most relationships (e.g., raising difficult children, dealing with adolescents or other family members, making career decisions).  Or you may want to seek couples counseling because you finally are in a position to do so!  You and your partner may have been absorbed in other, meaningful activities (such as raising children or pursuing careers) and as these are becoming less demanding, you may have the opportunity and desire to re-establish a more intimate relationship by improving your communication and more effectively negotiating the challenges that your relationship will confront in the future.  

Or it may be that you and/or your partner wish to overcome a difficult individual emotional issue (e.g., depression, anxiety, confusion) and you want to enhance your ability to take control of and create a more fulfilling relationship lifestyle.  Or you or your partner have experienced a crisis or some trauma in your life (e.g., loss of a loved one, family violence, sexual trauma) that has caused your relationship to become distressed, and you wish the relationship to get back on track.  Or you or you partner may have brought individual emotional issues or trauma to the relationship, making it a problematic one, and you want to make better decisions about this difficult relationship.    


You can expect that you will be very actively involved in your counseling effort. Your first session will be a consultation with Dr. Adams or Dr. Avery-Clark during which the reasons for counseling will be assessed and goals may be established. Clinical surveys will be given to you to complete.  The second session will usually be devoted to history taking.  The third and following sessions will typically involve both you and your partner’s meeting with both therapists, and the sessions will usually be devoted to accomplishing your goals.  You will find that achieving your goals is a collaborative effort with your therapist(s).  You will be given homework assignments consisting of readings and/or activities, and you will be asked for feedback about your experience.  This will allow for continued updating of your progress and the effectiveness of the intervention strategies.  You will be provided with a new perspective on relationships, information on the realities and challenges that are experienced in most relationships, and the verbal, non-verbal, cognitive and behavioral skills to manage these realities and challenges successfully. Drs. Adams’s and Avery-Clark’s treatment program is considered short term and more rapid than traditional approaches.  However, a number of factors can alter the pace of therapy. These may include an emotional disturbance or other psychological stressor (e.g., depression, substance use, trauma) on the part of one or both partners, issues that cannot be so clearly defined as specific disturbances or stressors (e.g., life identity concerns), or ambivalent feelings about the treatment process itself, among others.  If medical factors are involved, a consultation with a physician may be suggested.


The potential benefits from consultation or counseling with Dr. Adams and Dr. Avery-Clark are: 

  1. You will be provided with a better understanding of your relationship concerns, the concerns of your partner, the tasks to be accomplished in a satisfying relationship, and the skills necessary to accomplish these tasks, in a meaningful and successful relationship.  This understanding and skills acquisition will enable you to make more informed decisions;

  2. You will develop the ability to achieve your goals in the areas of enhancing communication, conflict resolution, and problems solving in your relationship, and to reverse areas of distress; and

  3. Once you experience success, you will have life long tools and knowledge that will enable you to manage any concerns that subsequently arise in your relationship, and to accomplish your goals on your own or with minimal additional assistance. 

Dr. Adams’s and Dr. Avery-Clark’s treatment approach has been very successful with many couples.  However, the techniques and strategies utilized by Drs. Adams and Avery-Clark may not be the most effective approach for every couple.  Usually couples are able to determine whether treatment is producing the results they desire within the first three working visits following the initial assessment phase. Sometimes it is necessary for treatment of other individual problems (e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, anger management, etc.) to come before couples counseling.  Sometimes it is necessary for one or both partners to have several individual sessions in order to focus on his or her own personal problems or commitment issues before proceeding with couples counseling.

Many issues that couples have are amenable to the short-term treatment program offered by Dr. Adams and Dr. Avery-Clark.  Dr. Adams and Dr. Avery-Clark are both Ph.D. Clinical Psychologists licensed by the state of Florida. Drs. Adams and Avery-Clark can be reached at (954) 227-2700 or (561) 347-0997.

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